Chapter 1. General refund procedure

1.1. Refunds for an unused ticket (part of it) are made by the Airline at the place of purchase of the ticket or at the main office of the Airline (office of the Airline) and in the currency in which the ticket was paid.

The airline refunds in Ukraine in the national currency. Refunds at the Airline’s offices in other countries are made in accordance with the legislation of the country where the office is located.

If the payment was made by electronic means of money transfer (bank card), the funds are returned to the payment card from which the ticket payment was made.

1.2. The amount of money returned for an unused ticket (part of it) depends on the used tariff and tariff standards of the Airline and the type of refusal of transportation (voluntary or compulsory).

1.3. Refunds are made on the basis of unused in whole or in part transport document, order of various fees, receipt of payment for excess baggage.

1.4. Refunds are made:

  • – to the person indicated in the ticket – in case of payment for transportation in cash or by bank transfer;
  • – to the account of the enterprise, institution, etc. – in case of non-cash payment;
  • – to the account of the bank card holder with which the transportation was paid (in case of termination of the bank’s activity, the funds may be transferred to the account in another bank);
  • – to the sponsor who paid for the transportation – in the case of a ticket with a notice of prepayment (Prepaid Ticket Advice – PTA).

Refunds are subject to the presentation of identity documents and documents confirming the right to receive the amounts specified in paragraph 1.3 of this chapter.

1.5. Refund is made by the Airline on the day of termination of the air transportation contract (presentation of tickets at the box office at the place of registration, receipt by the Airline of a written request from the passenger to return the money for unused air transportation issued by e-ticket), and in case of impossibility termination of the contract of air transportation – in another term by agreement of the parties, but not later than seven days. The refund period is calculated from the day, following the day of receipt by the Airline or the sales agent of the documents required for the refund operation.

Chapter 2. Refunds

2.1. Compulsory refund or rebooking without penalty is carried out in the following cases:

    • – cancellation, transfer, delay of the flight for which the passenger has reserved a seat and issued a ticket;
    • – incorrect execution of transportation documents due to the fault of the Airline or its sales agent;
    • – replacement of service class or type of aircraft;
    • – inability to provide the passenger with a seat in accordance with the reservation;
    • – failure of the Airline to provide connection with the flight for which the passenger has a confirmed reservation and which is specified in the same ticket as the previous one;
    • – refusal to carry due to non-payment by the passenger of the tariff, state fees, taxes or fees (charges) in case of change of tariffs or rules of their application in comparison with those effective on the day of departure of the passenger from the initial airport specified in the ticket;
  • – – death of the passenger or his family members, illness of the passenger or his family members traveling with him, in the presence of duly executed supporting documents;
  • -in other cases of refusal of a passenger from air transportation or refusal of the Airline to carry a passenger, which occurred due to the fault of the Airline.

2.2. In case of forced return, the amount of money returned to the passenger must be equal to:

  • – if no part of the ticket is used – the amount equal to the full cost of the ticket at the price at which it was purchased;
  • – if any part of the ticket has been used – the amount equal to the fare for the unused part of the one-way transportation and unused state fees, taxes, airport fees (taxes) and unused fees (taxes) of the Airline from the place where the carriage was refused , to the destination.

2.3. In case of voluntary refund, if the passenger wishes to refund the amount paid for the ticket, and such refund is allowed by the rules of application of fares, such amount is calculated in accordance with the tariff regulations of the Airline. The passenger is also refunded the amount of all unused state fees, taxes, airport fees (taxes) and fees (taxes) of the Airline.

2.4. In the case of a refund for an unused ticket or part thereof, including a compulsory one, the fee for air transportation is not refundable, except the case of a refund due to the fault of the Airline. There is no charge for the refund operation in case of a forced refund.

Chapter 3. The right to refuse a refund

3.1. The airline has the right to refuse a refund (except for all unused state fees, taxes, airport fees (taxes) and carrier fees (taxes)) if:

  • – the application for a refund was submitted by the passenger after the expiration of the ticket.
  • – the ticket is purchased at a special rate and the rules of its use do not provide for a refund (if you buy a ticket at such a special rate, the Airline or its sales agent informs the passenger at the time of booking and the ticket is marked).

3.2. In case the ticket loss, the refund is made by:

  • – airline – the owner of the ticket form (“carrier under the contract”) – if the ticket was issued under an interline agreement;
  • – airline – the actual carrier – if the ticket was issued on the form of the airline operating the flight.

Refunds can be made if the lost ticket (or part of it) has not been used or changed and has not been refunded.

From the amount of money returned, the Airline has the right to charge a fine (fee) imposed by it for such cases.

3.3. . Funds on the duplicate ticket, on the lost ticket, the order of various fees, the receipt on payment of excess baggage are returned in the claim and / or court order.

3.4. A passenger’s refusal to refund may be challenged by the passenger by filing a claim with the Airline or in court.

Attention: Regarding the provision of information about suspended flights
Attention: Regarding the provision of information about suspended flights